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All-purpose productivity tool

All you need in one app

Illumtori has all the tools you need to be more productive, achieve success, and live a fulfilling lifestyle.

Goal tracker

Set SMART goals and milestones with our proven template. Chart a clear path from today to where you want to be.


Stay on top of all your events. Centralize all your commitments by syncing your Google and Outlook calendars to Illumtori.

To-Do List

Allows you to utilize time blocking. Move tasks to your calendar when you are ready to work on them. Automatically rolls forward unfinished tasks


Remember everything important. Organize your notes by tags to retrieve and edit them easily. Archive your old notes when you are done.


Set a budget each month and track your income and expenses. Use various analytical tool to unlock insights about your spending habits.


Store and cherish your hard work. Not feeling motivated? Come here to remember all the goals you have achieved!


Stay on top of everything - anywhere

Simple by Design. Yet Powerful and Purposeful.

Designed to work for you. Not the other way around. Spend less time managing tools and live your life to the fullest.

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Its all connected

Centralize what you need

Illumtori can integrate with your favorite apps. We are constantly adding new integrations that can enhance Illumtori's functions.

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More integrations coming soon!

The techie stuff

Illumtori grows with you

We are constantly improving with new ideas and user feedback! We want to help you improve every day, so our app should do the same.

Q1 2024

  • App (PWA) available in Google Play Store
  • More OAuth 2.0 sign-in options
  • More robust features and reporting in budgeting function

Q2 2024

  • Publish iOS version
  • Publish Android version

Q3 2024

  • Add admin account and data sharing between users
  • Add third party app integrations for note-taking function
  • Add time-tracking feature

Q4 2024

  • AI assistive functions

All future additions and features are standard to our one and only subscription plan. We will not introduce more expensive tiers.

Have suggestions for our app? Let us know!


Be the best version of yourself

The best part? You do it your way!

You make the rules.
All the useful functions but still simple and flexible. You decide how to use them and form your own habits.
All functions in their purest forms.
Nothing complicated. No learning curve means you start being productive faster!
Max value.
Illumtori offers more functions for a lower price by staying small and agile as a team. You can benefit from Illumtori for less than $0.25 per day!
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Seamless synergy

Mind mapping for your best life

All functions are integrated through our tagging system and centers around the goal tracker. Never lose sight of what is important.

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Live with purpose

Not just another productivity tool that claims to save x number of hours in your life. After all, saving hours while doing things that are not aligned with your vision is meaningless. Our goal tracker is meant to be your compass in life.

Colorful tags with labels of goals, budget, and notes

Tags on everything

Our tagging system provides a simple yet beautiful way for you to stay organized. No matter which functions you are using, it is easy to connect the dots between different aspects of your life with the tags you created.

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Tying it all together

With a system that resembles a mind map with your goals at the center, you will be able to focus on things that are important to you without losing sight of everything else. You can truly have your cake and eat it too!

Our story

Power and purpose with simplicity

Jen and Steven wanted to build an all-purpose productivity tool that is accessible to everyone. It needs to be simple and cost effective, while providing the maximum productivity boost.

Cayman is okay with whatever as long as he gets his daily walks and treats.

Did you know? Steven built and updates Illumtori, writes blog articles, and posts regularly on Instagram by himself with Illumtori as his only productivity tool.

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Hundreds of goal achievers trust Illumtori

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“I have been using Illumtori for several months now and it has transformed the way I work and has become an indispensable part of my daily routine. What has really stood out to me about Illumtori is that it offers a simple yet effective approach to productivity allowing users to focus on what truly matters, getting things done efficiently.”

Benny N.

“I have used many different productivity apps but many have an excessive number of features and require learning and lots of daily maintenance. Illumtori's minimalistic and simple approach to productivity has made getting things done second nature!”

Natalie L.

Our social pledge

Nature is a gift from our planet

We dedicate 3% of our annual revenue towards global reforestation through donations to One Tree Planted.

When you use Illumtori, you are creating the best version of yourself and also helping our planet!

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Learn more about One Tree Planted.

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