Illumtori and BeaBea Lab

Power and purpose with simplicity

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Our Vision

To build a productivity tool that gives the maximum benefit with minimal effort from users. We want to redefine productivity as "achieving our full potential"; instead of "ticking off tasks".

A great tool shouldn't have a steep learning curve nor a complex process to maintain. Being productive should feel natural and not like a second job.

Who We Are

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BeaBea Lab was founded by Steven and Jennifer, a husband and wife duo.

Steven is a Chartered Professional Accountant ("CPA") and Chartered Financial Analyst ("CFA"). While working hard to build his career, he had always wanted to be his own boss. What stopped him from taking the first step? The comfort of stable income, the "next" promotion, and the all too common fear of failure.

After a serious car accident, he finally left his comfort zone to pursue his dream.

RIP my first car


Jennifer ("Jen") is also a CPA with a passion for productivity and solving problems. When Steven was brainstorming for product ideas, she talked about her problem with the evergrowing complexity of productivity tools. And that was how the idea for Illumtori was born!

Cayman is the Chief Wellness Officer and makes sure that Steven and Jen leave their chairs once in a while.

The white bear and blue pig? They are BeaBea and JuJu, inspired by Jen's childhood stuffies. "Modern and sleek" apps are already everywhere, so they wanted to do something fun with their own app.

The Problem and Our Solution

Jen has been using productivity tools for years. Contrary to expectation that they should be more efficient with technology, the tools continued to grow in complexity. Having to spend more and more time keeping up with those tools, she was investing more time than she was getting back.

We created Illumtori to solve that problem. It is easy to build a complex system that enforces rules on users to achieve its purpose. But it is difficult to build a simple system that gives users the freedom to achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

A productivity tool should be the sidekick in your productivity and life story, not the main character.

We want to improve lives by providing a tool that works for users, and not the other way around. Illumtori is not a tool that you need to spend a lot of time with. Use it when you need to, and forget about it when you are going about your life.

We hope Illumtori helps you achieve all your goals!

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