Convenient and Lightweight

Illumtori is a progressive web app ("PWA") that you can download to your device.

Sounds cool, but what does that mean for me?

PWA is a lightweight alternative to native apps that you can download to your device. They feel and function just like an app you download but without taking up 100s of MB of memory on your device. Save the precious space for your favorite things AND still enjoy the convenience of having Illumtori on your devices!

PWAs work best with the Chrome browser. Our team is working hard to ship an iOS version for iPhone and iPad users!

Installation methods differ by device and OS combinations. See below for installation instructions.


In most common browsers, you can find the installation icon on the right side of the URL bar.

Install button on browser


You can find the app installation command in the browser setting menu while you are browsing Illumtori.


On iOS devices such as iPad or iPhones, use the "Add to home screen" interface in Safari while you are browsing Illumtori.

Install button on AndroidInstall button on iOS

Click here to learn more about PWAs.