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Organize your tasks with our drag-and-drop to-do list. Ready to work on a task? Time block by moving it to your calendar.

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Your personal assistant

A to-do list that helps you behind-the-scenes:

  • Reminder of the proven two-minute rule when you create a task

  • Incomplete tasks are automatically moved to the following day

  • Create a checklist for each task so you never forget the details

  • Simple priority system with the fire icon

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Utilize time blocking

The task manager is fully integrated with the daily planner. When you are ready to work on a task, simply click on the sparkle icon to time block!

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What is that "Eventually" column?

There are tasks that needs to get done at some point but you don't want it to clutter your tasks list. Drag-and-drop them to the "Eventually" column and they will stay there till you are ready to move them back to a specific day!

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