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Streamline your workflow

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Your goals, notes, and diary are protected by end-to-end encryption. Only you know what you are working on.

Offline mode

You can still access your data in the desktop and mobile apps while offline. Notes written offline will sync automatically.


Whether you are a numbers or visual person, Illumtori's analytics will provide insights that help you achieve your budget.

Time blocking

Time block by creating calendar events directly from your tasks. Recurring tasks automatically roll forward when you complete them.


Set reminders for your calendar events. Reminders come through as push notifications on your devices.


Streamline your workflow by reducing app clutter. Gain real productivity and spend less time on administrative chores.

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  • Unlock insights with budget tracker and analytics

  • Stay organized effortlessly with tags and archives

  • Powerful dashboard to tie it all together (web and desktop)

Our social pledge

We dedicate 3% of our annual revenue towards global reforestation through donations to One Tree Planted.

When you use Illumtori, you are becoming the best version of yourself and also helping our planet.

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