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Tagging is the key system to keeping all your data organized in Illumtori. When you first create an account, a set of starter tags will be created for you. Of course, you can create and edit as many tags as you want to make the system unique and work best for you.

Look for this icon throughout the app for opportunities to use or create tags.

Functions requiring approvals

Certain features offered by Illumtori, such as Google Calendar integration and push notifications, require additional approval from you to take effect. You can find those features and grant specific approvals at the "Settings" menu through the user icon at the top right section of Illumtori after you have logged in.

Screenshot of features requiring approval


Illumtori was designed with ease-of-use and purposefulness as a priority. We are confident that it will meet all your expectations and more by playing around and testing all its features!

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to make Illumtori better, please let us know.

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